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How to open Flash files without browser and after the deprecation

Adobe Flash has been, fortunately and deservedly, deprecated, and all current browsers have dropped support for it. It was already removed from the repositories of all Linux distributions years ago. But what if for some cursed reason you still need it to open a Flash (SWF) file? Maybe some old game you’re nostalgic about, or… well, I really can’t think on any other reason why you’d want to do that.

Whatever the situation, it’s still possible, by downloading Adobe’s Flash Player Projector, a desktop application that is still available on their website, and that can open Flash files without the need of a browser. Go to the following link and download the version for your system:

Adobe Flash Player - Debug Downloads

Here I upload the Linux version as a backup for myself (and for you if you use this system as well):

Flash Player Projector (64-bit) for Linux

Via: How-To Geek